Kilometers Effort

The kilometers effort are a unit of measurement that allows you to determine how an hike is really demanding.
This measure takes into account the length and the difference in height (in uphill but also in downhill) of the hike.
To calculate the kilometers effort add up the length of the hike with the difference in height (in uphill) multiplied by 10 plus the difference in height (in downhill) multiplied by 3.3. All measurements are in kilometers. In practice:

KmE = Length (km) +
Height diff. (uphill) (km) x 10 +
Height diff. (downhill) (km) x 3.3

For example if I make a hike of 10 km with a difference in height (in uphill) of 1 km and a difference in height (in downhill) of 1 km, the kilometers effort will be 23.3.

Below is a form for calculating the kilometres effort.

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