Capanna Osola


Height: 1'418 m
Year of inauguration: 1986
Number of Beds: 18
Owner: Comunità Compadroni Alpe Osola

Hut reached on the following hikes:

20 July 2023 Monte Zucchero

Comment (automatic translation in english)

Located at the bottom of the Val d'Osola (or Val d'Osura), a side valley of the Verzasca Valley, the Capanna Osola was opened in 1986 and renovated in 2012. The building has 18 beds in two rooms and a dining hall for 18 people. Cooking is possible on a gas stove. There is no telephone in the hut and mobile phone coverage is also absent. Outside the hut there is a fountain and a table.

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Capanna Osola

  • Capanna Osola
  • Capanna Osola
  • Capanna Osola
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