Capanna Ribia


Height: 1'997 m
Year of inauguration: 1993
Number of Beds: 12
Owner: Società Escursionistica Isorno Melezza

Hut reached on the following hikes:

27 July 2023 Rosso di Ribia (cima sud-ovest)

Comment (automatic translation in english)

The Capanna Ribia is a hut located in the Vergeletto Valley along the Via Alta Vallemaggia. It consists of a room with 12 beds and a refectory for 15 people where it is possible to cook on a gas stove or a wood stove. Outside the building there is a fountain and a table with benches.

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Capanna Ribia

  • Capanna Ribia
  • Capanna Ribia
  • Alpe di Ribia
  • Interno della Capanna Ribia