Greina e Capanna Terri

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Date: 13 August 2009
Maximum height: 2268 m
Difference in height: 950 m
Length: 18 km
Kilometers effort: 30.7 kmef
Duration: 8 hours
Huts reached: Camona da Terri
Capanna Motterascio


SAC-CAS hiking scale Lungo tutto il percorso.

Comment (Automatic translation in english)

To get to the Motterascio hut, you can leave the car at the end of Lago del Luzzone, near Alpe Garzott, where there are about ten parking spaces. From here go up to the hut and then continue up to Crap la Crusch. Then continue on the south side of the plain following the river to the waterfall where there is a bridge that crosses the river. On the other side, you first climb and then finally descend to the hut. For the return you can take the path that passes through a valley and reaches the Greina floor again. For the Terri hut this path, compared to the other, is more direct and involves less difference in height. Once back to Crap la Crusch, follow the path of the journey to Lago del Luzzone.

Map of the Path

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Capanna Motterascio

  • Capanna Motterascio
  • Valle di Garzora
  • Piano della Greina
  • Rein da Sumvitg
  • Camona da Terri
  • Laghetto Prima della Camona da Terri
  • Camona da Terri
  • Val Sumvitg
  • Camona da Terri
  • Passo a Quota 2265 Metri
  • Piano della Greina
  • Laghetto a Quota 2246 Metri
  • Crap la Crusch