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Date: 18 August 2009
Maximum height: 3070 m
Difference in height: 1350 m
Length: 14 km
Kilometers effort: 32 kmef
Duration: 11 hours
Huts reached: Vecchia Capanna Piansecco (sostituita nel 2020)
Rifugio Cassina Baggio (crollato)
Lakes reached: Lago del Chüebodengletscher


SAC-CAS hiking scale Dalla strada del passo fino al Rifugio Cassina Baggio.
SAC-CAS hiking scale Dal Rifugio Cassina Baggio fino al Gerenpass.
SAC-CAS hiking scale Dal Gerenpass fino in vetta.

Comment (Automatic translation in english)

For this excursion you can start from All'Acqua or with less altitude but more kilometers from the road of the Passo della Novena at an altitude of 2099 meters. From here follow the path, not too flat, to the Piansecco hut and once you reach it you start to climb. First you reach the Cassina Baggio Refuge, a military construction that should now be open to everyone, even if we actually found it closed. Later the path, which until now was clearly visible, becomes a trace. Following it you finally arrive at the Gerenpass from where you can admire the glacier with its lake. At this point the path disappears altogether and only a few small men remain. From step up to the top is a stony ground with medium-large boulders, physically demanding, but not too difficult.

Map of the Path

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Capanna Piansecco

  • Capanna Piansecco
  • Rifugio Cassina Baggio
  • Gerenpass e Chüebodenhorn
  • Gerenpass
  • Lago del Chüebodengletscher
  • Formazione Rocciosa Sotto il Chüebodenhorn
  • Chüebodengletscher
  • Chüebodenhorn
  • Lago del Chüebodengletscher
  • Ponte Vicino alla Capanna Piansecco