Giübin, Posmeda e Pizzo Canariscio


Date: 14 June 2022
Maximum height: 2776 m
Duration: 6 hours
Difference in height: 850 m
Length: 15 km
Kilometers effort: 26.3 kmef
Lakes reached: Laghetto degli Ovi Settentrionale
Laghetto degli Ovi Meridionale


SAC-CAS hiking scale Dal Passo del San Gottardo fino alla diga del Lago della Sella.
SAC-CAS hiking scale Dalla diga fino in cima al Giübin (con alcuni passaggi T2+ dopo il Passo Posmeda).
SAC-CAS hiking scale Dal Passo Posmeda fino all'Alpe di Sorescia (con alcuni passaggi T2+, soprattutto prima del bivio a quota 2165 metri).
SAC-CAS hiking scale Dall'Alpe di Sorescia fino al Passo del San Gottardo.

Comment (automatic translation in english)

After having been there exactly one month ago, today I return to the Gotthard region, this time to climb Giübin and some surrounding mountains.
I start walking from the Gotthard Pass along the road to Lake Sella. I then take the path up to the Posmeda Pass and continue to the top of the Giübin. Along the way there are several military barracks with their roofs covered with grass and stones to better disguise them. I will then find more along the ridge leading to Pizzo Canariscio.
For the return trip, after descending again to the Posmeda Pass, I decide to follow the ridge to the summit at an altitude of 2596 metres where I find a heart-shaped sculpture. I then continue to the summit of Posmeda and on to Pizzo Canariscio. All this path, although it is not official, is quite visible and does not present any difficulties. From the Pizzo I then descend along easy grassy slopes to the Laghetti degli Ovi. At this point I could have descended immediately to the Lago della Sella, but I was very interested in seeing the Alpe di Sorescia and so I set off again towards the south-west. After reaching a small, unnamed lake, I continued along the slight track to the Ovi di Scimfuss. I then abandoned it in order to descend along an easy gully and reach another track that took me to the crossroads at 2165 metres. At that point, following the road, I reached the Alpe di Sorescia from where I continued back to the starting point.
As for water, there are no fountains, not even at the Gotthard Pass. There are, however, a few streams above the Laghetti degli Ovi and little else.

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Strada che porta al Lago della Sella

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