Lago di Tomé


Date: 3 October 2022
Maximum height: 1740 m
Difference in height: 1150 m
Length: 10.5 km
Kilometers effort: 25.8 kmef
Duration: 6 hours
Huts reached: Capanna Tomeo
Lakes reached: Lago di Tomé

Difficulties (automatic translation in english)

SAC-CAS hiking scale From Broglio to the Capanna Tomeo (with a T3 pass at an altitude of 1645 metres).
SAC-CAS hiking scale From the hut to Lake Tomé.

Comment (automatic translation in english)

Today, since it is a bit windy at altitude, I decide to climb up to Lago di Tomé.
First I reach the village of Broglio in the Lavizzara valley, where there is a car park near the river. I then cross the bridge over the Maggia on foot and take the path that climbs northwards from Piegn. After about 800 metres I cross a second bridge, which allows me to enter the Val Tomé and ascend it. The trail is always quite beautiful and without any particular problems. At an altitude of 1570 metres there is a flight of steps to overcome and 70 metres further up is the only delicate passage of the trip. There is in fact a rocky slab to cross where chains have been placed to hold on. Care must be taken because the rock is wet and the precipice on the left descends for more than 50 metres. Having passed this section in a short time, I reach Corte Grande where the Capanna Tomeo is located. Now all that remains is a short descent, along a path where there are some rocky sections, and I finally reach Lake Tomé.
For the return, follow the same route as the outward journey.
For water supplies, there is a fountain at Broglio, near the bridge, and then another at the Capanna Tomeo.

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