Lai Blau - Lago Blu

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Date: 15 September 2019
Maximum height: 2450 m
Difference in height: 600 m
Length: 8 km
Kilometers effort: 16 kmef
Duration: 5 hours
Lakes reached: Lai Blau


SAC-CAS hiking scale Dalla diga fino a quota 1941 metri.
SAC-CAS hiking scale Da quota 1941 metri fino al Lai Blau.
SAC-CAS hiking scale Dal Lai Blau ai Laghetti.

Comment (Automatic translation in english)

Just below the Lukmanier Pass, in Graubunden territory, there is the dam of Lake Santa Maria, at the end of which the road that runs along the lake starts.
We follow it to the south and after about 1 km we reach Val Rondadura where the road turns into a path.
We climb up the valley towards the Rondadura meadow where there is a large flat terrace. After the alp we start to climb again until we finally reach the Lai Blau, or Blue Lake in English.
At this point we decide to climb to the 2 lakes just above the main lake. After the first stretch on grass, we continue on land mixed with rocks and in a short time we reach the goal.
For the return we follow the way back.
If you are looking for water, along the way there is some for everything, especially from 2000 meters up.

Map of the Path

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Lago di Santa Maria

  • Lago di Santa Maria
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  • Lago di Santa Maria
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  • Lai Blau
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  • Laghetto sopra il Lai Blau