Lago Tremorgio e Passo Campolungo

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Date: 30 June 2006
Maximum height: 2318 m
Difference in height: 1500 m
Length: 15 km
Kilometers effort: 35 kmef
Duration: 8 hours
Huts reached: Capanna Tremorgio
Capanna Leit
Lakes reached: Lago Tremorgio
Lago Leit


SAC-CAS hiking scale Lungo tutto il percorso fino a 500 metri dal Passo Campolungo.
SAC-CAS hiking scale Gli ultimi 500 metri prima del Passo Campolungo.

Comment (Automatic translation in english)

The path chosen by me starts from Fiesso, and is clean and quite signposted. After a long climb you get to the lake of Tremorgio, a basin famous for the hypothesis that it was created by the impact of a meteorite. On the shores of the lake we find the Tremorgio hut, reachable also through the cableway that connects the hut to Rhodes. Continuing to climb you get to Alpe Campolungo and then to the Leit hut and its lake. From here you can descend the slope and then go up towards the Passo Campolungo, which connects Valle Leventina with Val Lavizzara. During the climb to the pass you cross the splendid white rock that characterizes the whole area. This is the Dolomites Saccaroide Bianca. At the top of the pass you come across a shack, which was probably used to build the high voltage pylons that cross the pass. The way back is almost identical to that of going.

Map of the Path

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Lago Tremorgio

  • Lago Tremorgio
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  • Pizzo del Prévat
  • Pizzo del Prévat
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