Piz Terri

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Date: 16 July 2008
Maximum height: 3149.3 m
Difference in height: 1700 m
Length: 13 km
Kilometers effort: 35.7 kmef
Duration: 10 hours
Huts reached: Capanna Motterascio


SAC-CAS hiking scale Da Garzott fino alla Capanna Motterascio.
SAC-CAS hiking scale Dalla Capanna fino alla bocchetta a quota 2740 metri.
SAC-CAS hiking scale Dalla bocchetta fino al Piz Terri.

Comment (Automatic translation in english)

For this trip you can leave the car at the bottom of Lake Luzzone, near the alp Garzott. From here starts a path that overlooks the lake and then, climbing on the opposite side of the valley, reaches the hut Motterascio (Michela). At this point you have to take another path that goes to the Piz Terri and that leads us to a little hole between the mountain and a beautiful lake. From here the path becomes less visible and climbs on the northern slope of the lace reaching the ridge through a short passage of 1st degree. From here follow it on the south side until you reach the top. On the northern side there is a black gravel which is very friable and makes ascension difficult if you do not follow the path.

Map of the Path

Map of the Path Copyright SwissTopo

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Piz Terri e Lago di Luzzone

  • Piz Terri e Lago di Luzzone
  • Capanna Motterascio
  • Sole sul Piz Terri
  • Valle di Guida
  • Valle di Guida
  • Lago Sotto il Piz Terri
  • Piz Terri
  • Passaggio Ripido sul Piz Terri
  • Passaggio Ripido sul Piz Terri
  • Cresta del Piz Terri
  • Cresta del Piz Terri
  • Piz Terri
  • Croce sul Piz Terri
  • Lago di Luzzone
  • Alpe di Motterascio
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  • Piz Terri
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