Monte Generoso

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Date: 4 June 2010
Maximum height: 1701.3 m
Difference in height: 500 m
Length: 10 km
Kilometers effort: 16.7 kmef
Duration: 3 hours


SAC-CAS hiking scale Lungo tutto il percorso.

Comment (Automatic translation in english)

Today the 120th anniversary of the Monte Generoso Railway is commemorated and it is possible to go up with the prices at the time, ie Fr. 8.- round trip. There are also vintage trains that are now used only on rare occasions like this. In particular, a steam locomotive with a panoramic carriage from 1890 and a diesel locomotive from 1993.
So we take the opportunity to go up to the restaurant where our special trip to the Alpe d'Orimento begins, where instead of going up and down as usual, we do the opposite. Obviously it is also possible to follow this route starting from Orimento, which can be reached by car, and from there to the summit.
As we said, we leave the hotel and in a short time we reach the top of Monte Generoso. We then descend for a few meters and take the path that runs north and runs along the ridge on the Italian side. When you reach the Cima della Piancaccia turn right and go down to the Barco dei Montoni. Here it is possible to go directly to the Alpe d'Orimento but we prefer to first climb Mount Orimento. The path, however, from Casa Boll forward, is not very visible and it is also necessary to climb some fences to reach the top. Alpe d'Orimento then, even if the path is marked on the map, it is necessary to go through a private property because the whole meadow is fenced.
From the Alpe we return to the road and head first to the west and then south to the Alpe Pesció and from here continue to reach the altitude of 1455 meters from the East.
Here, as expected, we meet the herd of Cavalli del Bisbino, a group of semi-wild horses that has been transferred here just a few days from the slopes of Mount Bisbino, where the spaces necessary for its survival were no longer guaranteed. Here instead of grass there is plenty of it and in winter there will be the possibility of transferring them to Lanzo d'Intelvi until the following spring.
We continue our trip to the South-West and finally go back to the Monte Generoso station, where our excursion ends.

Map of the Path

Map of the Path Copyright SwissTopo

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