Monte Sant'Agata

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Date: 11 March 2020
Maximum height: 940 m
Difference in height: 500 m
Length: 7 km
Kilometers effort: 13.7 kmef
Duration: 3 hours


SAC-CAS hiking scale I primi tratti su strada.
SAC-CAS hiking scale Lungo tutto il resto del percorso (alcuni passaggi T3 ad est del monte tra gli 820 e gli 880 metri di quota).

Comment (Automatic translation in english)

Today I climb to Monte Sant'Agata starting from Rovio, where there is a large car park and a bus stop.
You start by crossing the village centre, then follow the little road that goes up to the east. Once you reach the chapel at an altitude of 581 metres, go straight on until you reach a fork in the road at about 630 metres. Here we decide to go and see the famous Buco della Sovaglia and then continue straight on. After crossing a small bridge, we continue to climb up to the curve of the path at an altitude of about 675 metres. Here we leave the main road and continue along a small path to the east for another 120 metres. Finally we reach the Buco della Sovaglia (point 1), which is nothing more than a karstic cave from which the river flows.
Go back down to the fork at 630 metres and start climbing again along the other path that soon leads to the meadows of Saléra. Near the point at 794 metres, the path that climbs to the top starts. Compared to the paths covered so far, this is a little less beautiful but still passable. However, there are a few small passages between 820 metres and 880 metres where you have to pay a little more attention.
At the top there is a beautiful panoramic terrace and a small oratory dedicated to Saint Agatha.
After a break, we descend again to the point at 794 metres and continue to the Bógh, where there is a farm. We then continue south to the Cèr and from there we quickly return to the road near the chapel at an altitude of 581 metres. We finally descend again to Rovio.
As far as water is concerned, there is a fountain at the end of the village of Rovio on the east side and another one at Pra da Piòda. Alternatively there is the river that comes out from the Buco della Sovaglia and a small pool of water near the spring to the south-east of Cèr (about 660 meters above sea level).

Map of the Path

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18 April 2020 - 20:14
Bellissima passeggiata. Fatto al contrario con un amica e due cani. Vale la pena. Da Rovio non è molto lungo. 3 ore sono esatte. Lo rifaremo in autunno
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  • Rovio
  • Cappella a quota 581 metri
  • Strada
  • Bivio a quota 630 metri
  • Fiume Sovaglia
  • Buco della Sovaglia
  • Buco della Sovaglia
  • Prato Saléra
  • Prato Saléra
  • Saléra
  • Sentiero che sale al Monte Sant'Agata
  • Oratorio di Sant'Agata
  • Oratorio di Sant'Agata
  • Oratorio di Sant'Agata
  • Panorama
  • Al Bógh
  • Al Bógh
  • Sentiero
  • Al Cèr
  • Strada