Piz Pian Grand


Date: 29 September 2011
Maximum height: 2689 m
Duration: 9 hours
Difference in height: 1350 m
Length: 15 km
Kilometers effort: 33 kmef


SAC-CAS hiking scale Dall'Alpe Fracch fino al Pass di Passit (T1 il pezzo su strada).
SAC-CAS hiking scale Dal Pass di Passit fino alla Bocca de Rogna (T4 i primi 20 vetri sul lato sud del Pass de la Cruseta).
SAC-CAS hiking scale Dalla Bocca de Rogna fino in vetta.
SAC-CAS hiking scale Dalla Bocca de Rogna fino all'Alpe Fracch (T3 il tratto fuori sentiero aggirabile).

Comment (automatic translation in english)

After leaving the car at Alpe di Fracch, where there is a huge open space, continue along the dirt road towards Lago d'Isola. After the altitude of 1658 meters take the first path on the right and continue towards Passit Pass where there are two lakes and a beautiful farmhouse that almost does not notice so it is camouflaged with the surrounding rocks. From the pass then take the path that leads to the Pass de la Cruseta, beyond which there is a small rocky stretch that is overcome even thanks to the help of chains. This leads to the Bocca de Rogna, but it is abandoned immediately to descend the eastern valley of about forty meters to an evident passage between the rocks that leads to the Piz Pian Grand. From here there are some little men that lead to the summit passing from the east side of the canyon where there are many stretches on the grass. Once you get to the top you go down the same road up to the Bocca de Rogna after which you continue on the Mesolcinese side. To shorten the path you can leave the trail around the 2340 meter altitude and continue in the meadows below up to the group of ruined farmsteads listed in 2001 meters. From there you take the path that leads to the Alp d'Ocola and you reach the Lago d'Isola again. With a final stretch of dirt road you return to the car. Regarding water, there is a fountain at the altitude of 1658 meters and another at the Alp d'Ocola. There are also several rivers including a stream going up to the Pass de la Cruseta, other rivulets in the south-west of the Bocca de Rogna and a river south of the farms at an altitude of 2001 meters.

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