Pizzo dell'Uomo

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Date: 6 August 2020
Maximum height: 2663 m
Difference in height: 800 m
Length: 13 km
Kilometers effort: 23.6 kmef
Duration: 5 hours and 30 minutes
Lakes reached: Laghetto sotto il Pizzo dell'Uomo
Laghetto di Scai
Lago della Segna

Difficulties (Automatic translation in english)

SAC-CAS hiking scale From the Passo del Lucomagno to the Baita di Skaioi.
SAC-CAS hiking scale From the Baita di Skaioi to the summit of Pizzo dell'Uomo.
SAC-CAS hiking scale From Pizzo dell'Uomo to Laghetto di Scai.
SAC-CAS hiking scale From Laghetto di Scai to Lago della Segna and back to the Passo del Lucomagno (T1 the last 1500 metres on the road).

Comment (Automatic translation in english)

Today's excursion takes place in the beautiful region of Lukmanier.
After reaching the pass, we start walking in the direction of the Alpe di Croce. After passing it, you will reach a junction, indicated by a sign, which leads to the Skaioi hut. We take the diversion to the right and start climbing along the grassy slopes of Scai. The path is well done, with a regular gradient and only in some points it presents slight difficulties due to some small landslides.
Towards an altitude of 2400 metres we reach the Baita di Skaioi, an old military refuge that has now become private. Here the well marked path ends and you start to climb following some little men in a south-westerly direction. Once you reach an altitude of about 2520 metres you continue westwards, avoiding to climb immediately to the ridge where the difficulties are greater. Instead you have to go towards the little vent that is between the main peak of Pizzo dell'Uomo and the southern peak. Once you have reached the wide plateau between the two peaks, without too much difficulty you will reach the summit, where there is a wooden cross.
After a well-deserved break and a quick detour to the southern peak of Pizzo dell'Uomo, you can begin to descend westwards towards the small lake at an altitude of about 2560 metres. This side is slightly easier than the other and following the north coast of a gully full of snow, in a short time you will reach the little lake mentioned above. After taking some photos of the pond, continue northwards, through stony ground full of gullies to get around, until you reach the Scai pond. Here the route becomes much easier and, descending along beautiful grassy slopes, you will reach the Passo dell'Uomo in a short time. At this point I decide to make a small diversion towards Val Piora to see the Lago della Segna which I had never reached before. After having reached it you return again to Passo dell'Uomo and start to descend along the endless Val Termine, sadly famous for its road, full of stones and resembling the bed of a river. When we finally reach an altitude of about 1915 metres, the ugly stretch is over and we continue on a real carriage road that takes us back to Passo del Lucomagno.
As far as the water is concerned, there is a small fountain at the Lukmanier Pass and then there is the stream that you meet going up to the Baita di Skaioi at an altitude of about 2105 metres. Finally there are the two rivers that from Passo dell'Uomo go down to Val Piora and Val Termine. I don't think, however, that they are too clean when the cows graze on the alp on the pass (see photo).

Map of the Path

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Deviazione verso la Baita di Skaioi

  • Deviazione verso la Baita di Skaioi
  • Valle Santa Maria
  • Passo del Lucomagno
  • Sentiero verso la Baita di Skaioi
  • Baita di Skaioi
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  • Pizzo dell'Uomo
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  • Cima del Pizzo dell'Uomo
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  • Pizzo dell'Uomo
  • Laghetto sotto il Pizzo dell'Uomo
  • Laghetto sotto il Pizzo dell'Uomo
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  • Passo dell'Uomo
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