Pizzo Nero e Chilchhorn


Date: 16 July 2012
Maximum height: 2904 m
Difference in height: 650 m
Length: 7 km
Kilometers effort: 15.7 kmef
Duration: 6 hours


SAC-CAS hiking scale Dal parcheggio fino a laghetto sotto la Gonerlilücke.
SAC-CAS hiking scale Dal laghetto fino alla vetta del Pizzo Nero (con un passaggio su roccia di 2° grado).
SAC-CAS hiking scale Dal Pizzo Nero fino alla bocchetta a Ovest della quota di 2743 metri.
SAC-CAS hiking scale Dalla bocchetta a Nord del Chilchhorn fino al parcheggio (T2 il sentiero sotto la quota dei 2700 metri).

Comment (automatic translation in english)

Just before the Nufenen Pass, just above the 2410 meter altitude, there is a car park where you can leave your car and then continue along the path towards the Gonerlilücke. When you reach the crest of Pizzo Nero, follow it up to the altitude of about 2840 meters, where a stretch of rock forces us to deviate to the south to get around it. You then climb along a crumbling rock channel, where it is better to stay on the left (West), which brings us back to the ridge. Just below the summit there is a passage of 2nd degree which, despite being only 2.5 meters long, can cause problems in crossing it since it is practically vertical and quite exposed. In a moment then you get to the summit where the space to turn around is not much but the view is wonderful. Descend from the summit, retrace the ridge to the Gonerlilücke where once was the highest hut in the Ticino that now unfortunately has fallen downstream with a nice piece of ridge. In his memory there remain only a bench and some boards saved from the precipice. Continue the journey westwards until you reach the path to the north of the Chilchhorn. Then follow it up to the North summit, the highest and easily accessible, and then continue to the South which instead has a steep and steep side. To go back down you continue to follow the path, which is not always easy to follow, up to the altitude of 2618 meters where you leave it to point directly to the parking lot that you can reach through the meadows and the stones. As for water, there are some streams in the first part of the trail, then there is the pond under the Gonerlilücke and then nothing more, apart from the snow, up to the parking lot.

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