Val Piumogna

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Date: 26 January 2013
Maximum height: 1450 m
Difference in height: 300 m
Length: 9 km
Kilometers effort: 13 kmef
Duration: 4 hours


SAC-CAS hiking scale Lungo tutto il tragitto

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Here we are finally on a snowshoe tour. As a locality we have chosen the beautiful Val Piumogna.
In this area there are 4 different paths for well-maintained rackets marked in green, red, blue and yellow. To make the trip a little longer we decided to combine 3 of these routes.
For starters we reach Dalpe where, across the village, we find a parking lot with about fifteen parking spaces. It's quite cold and the thermometer marks -12 ° C.
We do not let ourselves be discouraged and we begin to walk along the snow-covered road towards the South until we reach the village of Valascia. Here we turn right and continue through the woods until we arrive in the Polpiano area where Val Piumogna finally begins. From here on the road becomes almost flat and continues on the right side of the valley up to the bridge at an altitude of 1399 meters. At this point, given the beautiful day, we decide to leave the official route and follow the traces of a snowmobile that continue south along the road that leads to Prati Géra. I remember that Val Piumogna is a federal bandit as well as an area of ​​wildlife tranquility and it is therefore forbidden to leave the paths during the winter.
When you reach the Alpe Geira, we reached the climax of the tour and start going down again, this time on the left side of the valley, up to the town of Piumogna. Here, in addition to some houses, there is also an artificial ice waterfall. We continue north to Pian di Mezzo and from there we descend to Dalpe

Map of the Path

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13 February 2017 - 22:00
Che meraviglia! A vedere queste foto mi da un senso di pace. Grazie
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  • Val Piumogna
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  • Piumogna
  • Strada Innevata
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